Terracotta TILES - Handmade Terracotta tile solutions for Australia



Terracotta Tiles Australia

Tiles Terracotta specialise in the 
handcrafting of Terracotta Tiles
made from ancient handmade
techniques, kiln dried and made
available to you. 

Currently able to supply 600 sqm
anywhere in Australia.

Advantages with Terracotta Tiles
are the relatively durability, versatile,
looks better with age, warm and
inviting underfoot, water, allergen
and bacteria resistant*, inexpensive
low maintenance. (* sealing tiles is
an option we recommend to
prevent staining and
contaminations etc.)

Sample tiles can be obtained and
cost is approx $35 including postage.

Shipping a crate of tiles is approx.
$140 from Brisbane to Sydney
$150 from Brisbane to Melbourne











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Handmade Tiles

Our tiles are handmade using ancient techniques and trusted methods. Our production quantities are not based on high volume for chain flooring outlets. We are a bespoke team of artisan craftsmen and women delivering a unique solution for developers and builders who require the very best in quality, tradition and a unique natural product.

Shipping & Delivery

We are shipping our tiles in 23 smq crated quantities. Crated and delivered to your nearest port or arrangements can be made to deliver to the build site. Lead time for tiles is 6 weeks and payment for product will be subject to our terms and conditions only. This is a unique product and as such we only deal with serious customers. Orders will not be less than 23 sqm.


Terracotta tiles are used both internally and externally. Our clients are looking for a quality handmade product that is exclusive. Our product is sourced in small quantities and production is limited. We do no use a factory or machines. Our prices reflect our belief in supplying you with a rare and valuable product.